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Kite Zone School - Kitesurf school - Courses and weekly rates

From beginner level to advanced kitesurfing, our weekly courses will allow you to progress, while enjoying sailing. Your objectives can be very varied, they are built with the instructor better able to accompany you and inform you on the chances of achieving your goals.

Our strengths

  • The 1st lesson takes place directly in shallow water
  • Only the courses taken are billed
  • Possibility of postponement in case of bad weather
  • 4 trainees maximum per instructor
  • Each student has their own kite and radio
  • Each student has their own kite and radio


Classes generally take place in the afternoon over 4 days, Monday to Thursday. Friday is a bonus day which allows us to choose from:

  • to postpone a lesson due to bad weather the days before
  • to offer another lesson or a supervised rental (depending on your level reached)

Collective Kitesurfing Course Number of students Schedule ALL YEAR From 11th july
to 19th august
4 sessions of 4h
(16 hours)
4 12h-20h price: 480€
(deposit: 60€)
price: 520€
(deposit: 100€)
4 sessions of 3h
(12 hours)
4 12h-18h no price: 420€
(deposit: 100€)
4 sessions of 2h
(8 hours)
3 17h30-21h no price: 300€
(deposit: 60€)
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* Price indicated per person


  1. Can swim 50m
  2. Have taken out insurance covering the practice of kitesurfing*
  3. For those over 50: a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of kitesurfing
*classic residential RCs do not cover kitesurfing. In this case you can take out specific insurance at the school from the first day of the course, or beforehand online.

Contenu pédagogique

Basic educational content that the school offers and teaches*

Day Beginner Intermediate Improvement
1 - Safety
- Discovery of traction
- Piloting / Relaunching
- Safety
- Relaunch of the wing (No stopping of traction)
- Safety
- Upwind
2 - Pilotage 2 et 1 main
- Glisse sans engins
- Transition (Changement de direction) - Sauts : poussée, montée, poussée portée
3 - Water start
- Glide with gear
- Management of the supports on the board - Skipped transition
4 - Support management on the board - Upwind (Upwind)
- 1st jumps
- hardly jumps

Learning chronology of a beginner internship 4x 4 hours*:

  1. All procedures and information related to security.
  2. The choice of equipment and the installation independently.
  3. Assisted and autonomous takeoff.
  4. Control of piloting and the flight window.
  5. The assisted and autonomous pose of the wing.
  6. The mastery of towed swimming.
  7. Relaunching the kite in the water (4 and 5 lines)
  8. The return to the beach with folded wings and rolled lines.
  9. Taking the board into account.
  10. The waterstart.
  11. The first resource.
  1. The sine wave navigation.
  2. Harness navigation.
  3. The piloting and the various settings in 4 lines.
  4. Navigation in 4 lines, or 5 lines.
  5. The twist on a twin-tip board.
  6. The technique and parameters to take into account when going upwind.
  7. The first single jump.
  8. Back and front rotations.
  9. And much more!
*depending on the wind conditions and the skills of each
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