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The Foil or Kite-Foil

New gear

In recent years the world of boating has been evolving at high speed and new devices have appeared, in particular FOIL. This new discipline allows in Kitesurf / Windsurf to fly over water in very little wind.

Due to its technicality, the kitefoil course is offered to practitioners who already know how to navigate independently and thus have good control of the kite.

Report on the kitefoil school here.

KZS offers you a private lesson for learning kitefoil

  • A boat with an instructor who will follow you throughout the session, he will be able to perfectly adapt the size of your kite (which is very important especially at the start of learning to foil)
  • A flat body of water: the Hourtin pond is perfectly suited to the practice of kiteFoil, whatever the conditions, we will put you in a body of water that is not choppy and without swell.
  • The student is in constant contact with his instructor (radio link) allowing rapid development

Your instructor can teach you how to kiteFoil towed by a boat at first, which will allow you to concentrate only on handling the board without thinking about the kite

Individual Internship
KiteFoil 100€/h
KiteWing contact us
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The wingfoil (coming soon)

The wing foil, sometimes called wing surfing, is the latest in water sliding sports. This practice is the result of the cross between the wing, the sup foil, the kite foil and the wind foil.

The sensations that the wing foil provides are unique, and the fact of being able to exploit various bodies of water makes it a discipline with enormous potential!
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