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1-Make your pre-booking for a kite course by phone or email

Before filling the registration form, please read the general conditions of sale and to contact us, to check the availability of the desired kitesurfing course dates and make your pre-reservation, either:

2-Return the registration form

You will find the registration form to be completed and returned to us by post or email within 10 days. Registration becomes final upon receipt by Kite zone school of this registration form, duly completed and accompanied by the deposit (30 , 50, 100 € depending on the course chosen):

3-Confirmation of your registration

Upon receipt of the mail, a confirmation of your kitesurfing course will be sent to you by mail or by SMS.
  • IMPORTANT: The morning of your course, thank you for contacting us by phone at 06 37 58 48 07 in order to confirm the appointment in the early afternoon depending on the weather."

4-Complete your file on the 1st day of the kitesurfing course

Before the start of the 1st session, please provide us with:
  • for over 50s, a medical certificate of no contraindication to kitesurfing
  • a check for the Civil Liability insurance subscription, compulsory for your kite course (online subscription here)
  • the balance of the course regulations, by check or cash


  • Withdrawal from you:
    • more than 20 days before the start of the kitesurfing course, the deposit is refunded
    • less than 20 days before the start of the kitesurfing course, the deposit is kept

  • Withdrawal from us a new internship date will be offered or your deposit will be refunded:
    • In the event that weather conditions or other phenomena do not allow you to start the course, the instructor reserves the right to postpone it to a schedule or to a later date, to be defined with the trainee. If no date can be arranged, the kite session will be reimbursed.

  • Any course started for more than 3 hours will be considered as completed, unless the weather is unfavorable (not enough wind)
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